When we cultivate awareness of the body and our intuition, compassionately and curiously listening to our innate wisdom, we reclaim our power, agency, freedom, and felt sense of aliveness, well-being, and connection. I invite you to join me on the path of Radical Embodiment...






1: of, related to, or proceeding from a root, such as growing from the root of a plant


2: designed to remove the root of a disease


3: of or relating to the origin


4: very different from the usual or conventional

5: advocating or based on thorough political and social change





1: to give a body to a spirit


2: to represent in human or animal form


3: one that embodies something


4: the act of embodying


5: the state of being embodied


In my words...




  • alignment between who we say we are and how we be


  • the vehicle through which we feel honestly, think critically, perceive and relate with the world wholeheartedly, and take action


  • somatic awareness - our felt sense of the body, from the inside out.


  • empowerment vs victimhood


  • flexibility, adaptability, and resilience


  • healing at the root


  • reconnecting to one's roots


  • (re)claiming vitality, aliveness, and pleasure


  • befriending the body


  • cultivating faithful intimacy with the body


  • fully inhabiting the body


  • returning spirit and energy to the body


  • listening to the wisdom of the body


  • embodying freedom and liberation


  • resisting rationalism and related disembodiment


  • existing, persisting, and thriving in the margins


  • politicizing the body and body-based practices/spaces


  • learning to love the body, unapologetically


  • giving thanks for this body


  • honoring the Earth, our Mother