Burn-out is often related to one's trauma history, and is also a systemic issue stemming from our larger capitalistic economic system that values productivity and economic gain over humanity, empathy, nurturance, and sustainability. Unfortunately, relatively few of our society's institutions have structures, practices, and spaces to actively support the well-being and healing of the people very people that bring life to these same institutions (ie: schools, hospitals, non-profits, etc.). Given this context, disconnecting from our body and its wise messages is often necessary for survival, yet unless we actively and compassionately work with the body to reintegrate and re-inhabit our body, our presence, purpose, and vitality is likely to be undermined. In this way, practicing radical embodiment is a counter cultural act of resistance. When we are aware of, in touch with, and in loving dialogue with our bodies, we have the internal resourcing we need to move through the world in positive, grounded, and transformative ways. I envision and commit to helping grow a sustainable and healthy society in which we all give and receive permission, encouragement, and support to heal and build collective resilience. 


My Core Values are:


  • Honoring and celebrating the Divine Feminine


  • Transformative radical and feminist entrepreneurship


  • Clear and decolonized boundaries


  • Intersectional community-based feminist and antiracist praxis


  • Celebrating queerness is all its expressions and manifestations 


  • Abundant worldview while stewarding resources responsibility


  • Both/and (non-binary) thinking


  • Collaboration and interdependence vs competition and individualism


  • Honoring the innate power and dignity of self and all others


  • Human being-ness over human doing-ness 


  • Critically loving, compassionate, and nonjudgemental


  • Authenticity over performance and striving 


  • Trauma-aware praxis in all aspects of life


  • Pleasure and sex positive


  • Body positive and fat positive


  • Sensitivity and empathy as a strength not a weakness


  • Courageous and unapologetic creativity


  • Humility and confidence


  • Balance of softness and strength


  • Open-mindedness and curiosity