Lillie’s radical presence, a blend of deeply-rooted authenticity and competency, shines through her internet-based coaching sessions. She is truly a healer’s healer – I recommend her to my colleagues regularly!
— Adrienne G., Feminist Therapist & Artist, Detroit, MI
Lillie’s capacity to understand the nature of true healing is vast. She has impeccable skills in keen observation and genuine reflection, and is patient, kind, open-hearted, and supportive of her clients and students. I have rarely come across another practitioner so committed to transformative healing with such profundity of heart.
— Melissa Spamer, Owner & Director of Lotus in the Flame School of Yoga & Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Lillie’s background and experience as a trainer in dismantling racism and white supremacy is powerfully complemented by her intuitive knowing and capacity for deep listening to her own body while she holds space for others.
— Taya Shere, Spiritual Teacher, Musician, and Jewish Ancestral Healing Practitioner, El Cerrito, CA
My coaching session with Lillie was insightful, clarifying and inspiring. The fact that we met via Zoom didn’t diminish the sense of resonance, or the quality of our collaborative process. Lillie is a gifted and wise guide whose compassionate and skillful counsel is helping me to do the work I most want to do in the world.
— Holly S., Writer & Teaching Artist, North Hampton, ME
The strengths of Lillie’s coaching is the deep listening that guides her. Most often I have arrived for a session with an idea of what I might need and Lillie will name what I am thinking and feeling. This is a beautiful surprise and only comes with the sort of deep listening that we have lost in our culture and need to reclaim from the ancients. Our sessions are guided by continued deep listening, being intentional about welcoming all the sensations, even the ones I had previously thought of as “bad” or “negative.” Each session I leave with the reminder to listen to my body and that anti-oppression work is not only about “doing.” I must be in my body and be in the world in ways that are anti-oppressive.
— Lisa B., United Methodist Pastor and Young Adult Initiatives Coordinator, Kalamazoo, MI
Lillie is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had. She embodies the sthira and sukha, the steadiness and ease, that she aimed to help us experience in our bodies and minds. This wisdom came so beautifully thru her, in her demonstration of poses, the flow of the class, and her grounded presence. All of these things have stayed with me, and have helped my ongoing practice, so that even now, from far away, I am still learning from her.
— Jill M., Unitarian Universalist Minister, Corvallis, OR
Lillie has a keen ability to channel wisdom and share powerful tools and practices that help people tap into their innate wisdom, in spite of cultural static and interference.
— Jean S., Musician, Dancer & Entrepreneur, Traverse City, MI
In my experience Lillie speaks truth with compassion. She is clear-eyed and clear-voiced as she addresses a host of complex and emotionally fraught issues with full heart, attention, and love. I hold full trust in her to be truthful, considerate, and confidential.
— Brad K., Non-profit Co-Director, Bellaire, MI
Lillie’s healing justice yoga session helped me recognize, feel (from my head to toes), and really work through the substantial and unnoticed tension I carry in my body and mind every day as a busy legal services attorney.
— Ruby R., Public Interest Attorney, Ann Arbor, MI