My coaching session with Lillie was insightful, clarifying and inspiring. The fact that we met via Zoom didn’t diminish the sense of resonance, or the quality of our collaborative process. Lillie is a gifted and wise guide whose compassionate and skillful counsel is helping me to do the work I most want to do in the world.
— H.S., Writer & Teaching Artist
Lillie is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had. She embodies the sthira and sukha, the steadiness and ease, that she aimed to help us experience in our bodies and minds. This wisdom came so beautifully thru her, in her demonstration of poses, the flow of the class, and her grounded presence. All of these things have stayed with me, and have helped my ongoing practice, so that even now, from far away, I am still learning from her.
— J.M., Unitarian Universalist Minister
Lillie’s healing justice yoga session helped me recognize, feel (from my head to toes), and really work through the substantial and unnoticed tension I carry in my body and mind every day as a busy legal services attorney.
— R.R., Legal Services Attorney
Thank you for our session, Lillie. It was really helpful to answer those questions and hear myself speak my truth. You are a great listener. Thank you!
— M.D., Community Leader & Activist
Lillie has a keen ability to channel wisdom and share powerful tools and practices that help people tap into their innate wisdom, in spite of cultural static and interference.
— J.S., Artist & Business Woman

In my experience you speak truth with compassion - you are clear eyed and clear voiced, systematic and articulate as you critique a host of complex and emotionally fraught issues, and you do so with full heart and attention, and love. I hold full trust in you to be truthful, considerate, and confidential. I feel safe discussing hard things with you. You know yourself in a full way, breathing into the tensions, and understand yourself as an individual, as a human, and in relationship with others, including as a white body. That awareness helps you confidently hold space for these difficult things.
— B.K., Non-profit Co-Director
Thank you for modeling how to commit to continuously becoming more accountable to yourself, your spiritual connection, your path, and your community.
— S.C., Musician & Cultural Worker
I am inspired by the countless ways you show up with strength of conviction, courage, and authenticity.
— T.M., Holistic & Alternative Healthcare Provider