Integrative Somatic Coaching

As a politicized healer and somatic coach I draw from a multi-disciplinary well of modalities that support the body’s intuitive and natural healing abilities. My work is grounded in a keen understanding of socio-political dynamics and their affect on us. I help you access your body’s wise intelligence through sensation, awareness, visualization, and gentle movement. Whether you’re recovering from burn-out, trauma, injury, illness, addiction, codependency, and/or looking for support with committing to transformative practices that care for your body/mind/spirit, I'm here to support you on your healing path as an experienced and compassionate collaborator. Depending on what resonates with you, our work together may include trauma-informed therapeutic yoga, guided meditation, Ayurvedic wellness wisdom, energy work, intuitive coaching, and/or regulating your nervous system through the practice of Somatic Experiencing

Ahead of our initial session I will send you a confidential intake form to assess your primary concerns, needs, and intentions, as well as your current lifestyle, diet, routine, and body/spirit/mind practices. After your session, I follow up with individualized recommendations, which may include suggested home practices, such as yoga asana, breathing, and meditation; creative prompts; reading and journaling prompts; daily routine suggestions; nature-based exploration; nutritional recommendations; and/or somatic exercises.

To schedule an in-person or distance session, or a free 20-minute consultation, please click the button below. 

As with all holistic health modalities, this intuitive and somatic coaching work is not meant to replace professional psychological and medical attention. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. If you are in crisis, please call Gryphon Place at 269-381-HELP.