Private Sessions

As a politicized healer, I draw from a multi-disciplinary well of spiritual and somatic modalities that support your body’s intuitive and natural healing process. Grounded in a keen understanding of socio-political dynamics and how they affect us, I weave together trauma-informed therapeutic yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic wisdom, Reiki, and intuitive and somatic coaching. I provide compassionate and experienced guidance as a collaborator on your healing journey. Whether you’re recovering from burn-out, trauma, oppression, injury, illness, addiction, codependency, and/or looking for support with committing to sustainable and transformative practices and routines that care for your body, mind, and spirit, I am here to support you on your healing path. I tailor each in-person or remote session based on your needs and intentions, along with what we each intuit will best serve your healing and liberation.

Each session will assess and focus around:

  • Your primary concerns, needs, and intentions

  • Your current lifestyle, diet, routine, and body/spirit/mind practices

After your first session, I will give you follow-up resources and support, including: 

  • An individualized suggested daily routine based on your assessment 

  • Suggested home practices, which may include breathing, meditation, yoga, creative prompts, journaling prompts, reading suggestions, nature based exploration, somatic exercises, and/or nutritional recommendations


To schedule a session, please email me at If you are a new client, I will email you an intake form and ask that you return it to me 48 hours before your appointment. 


RATES: $100 for 60 minute session.  I accept cash, checks, money order, cash app, and PayPal (


Packages Available: Three sessions for $280 (save $20). Six sessions for $550 (save $50).  Packages must be used within one year of purchase. 

Accessibility: I offer a limited number of sliding scale sessions each month. Please email me to inquire about availability.  I am committed to transforming capitalism and the myths of scarcity, individualism, and greed into a sustainable and life-giving feminine-ist economy based in interdependence, abundance, and empathy.  

Cancellation: I have a 24 hours cancellation policy, unless it is an emergency. Missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice will be $25. 

I work with: 

  • People on a journey of healing and self-discovery who are interested in beginning or going deeper into a holistic process of self-care and self-compassion through somatic (body-based) practices.


  • Educators, social justice leaders, organizers, activists, artists, health/wellness practitioners, and students of all kinds. 


  • People from a wide range of experiences, needs, and ethnic, cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds. People of all gender identities and sexual orientations. People of all abilities. 


  • Women and femmes interested in healing and recovering from misogyny, patriarchy, sexism, toxic masculinity (narcissism), and toxic femininity (codependency); and cultivate greater capacity for clear, kind, and assertive communication and boundary setting.


  • Youth (age 12-18) and adults coping with Alopecia areata and looking for spiritual support on this journey.


  • People looking for spiritual and practical support in managing and healing chronic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.


  • White yoga practitioner and teachers wishing to explore complex concepts such as cultural appropriation, white fragility, and spiritual bypassing, and how these dynamics show up in yoga communities and in our own relationship to yoga and the yoga industry.


  • Organizations, businesses, and non-profits looking to incorporate somatic practice into their staff meetings and retreats. Please see Group Sessions page for more information.


  • White people interested in spiritual and somatic coaching around:

    • Learning to identify and heal from toxic whiteness through engaging the body, breath, mind, and spirit.

    • Exploring antiracist white identity development and embodiment.

    • Engaging in the movement for racial justice and collective liberation in accountable, life-giving, and sustainable ways. 


  • White (Ashkenazi) Jewish Americans interested in spiritual and somatic coaching around:

    • The history of Jewish assimilation into white society and related cultural/spiritual stripping/loss and grief.

    • The complexity of antisemitism and Jewish racial identity in the U.S.

    • Internalized racial superiority, white fragility, and the embodiment of the values of white supremacy, such as urgency, perfectionism, binary (either/or) thinking, paternalism, and competitive individualism.

    • Practicing accountable ally and accompliceship through tending and cultivating humanity, resiliency, healing, and right relationship through non-appropriative spiritually grounding and restorative practices and rituals.


Questions to ponder: 

  • Do you desire to fully inhabit your body?


  • Do you want to commit to a deeply transformative healing process?


  • Do you want to befriend your body as your own best ally in this precious life?


  • Do you want to compassionately explore your conditioned tendencies and coping strategies, while learning new practices that allow you more freedom and choice in all areas of your life?


  • Do you crave support for assessing what’s working and what’s not working in terms of self-care/communal care in your life?


  • Do you want to feel empowered to prioritize your wellness as an investment in yourself and your ability to show up sustainably and authentically for your work, family, and community?



I know from my own struggles with trauma recovery, burn-out, and exhaustion, that no one is at their best when they are struggling with their mental, physical, or spiritual health. Burn-out is often related to one's trauma history, and is also a systemic issue stemming from our larger capitalistic economic system that values productivity over humanity, empathy, nurturance, and sustainability. It is often correlated with one's trauma history as well. Unfortunately, most of our society's institutions do not have structures, practices, and spaces to actively support the well-being and healing of their people. Sublimating or disconnecting from our body and its wise messages is often necessary for survival, yet unless we actively and compassionately work with the body to reintegrate and re-inhabit our body, our presence and work in the world is likely to be undermined. When we are aware of, in touch with, and in loving dialogue with our bodies, however, we have the internal resourcing we need to move through the world in positive, grounded, and transformative ways. I envision and commit to co-creating a more sustainable and healthy society in which we all receive permission, encouragement, and support to intentionally heal and cultivate resiliency in our bodies, spirits, and minds.


As with all holistic health modalities, this somatic and spiritual healing work is not meant to replace professional psychological and medical attention. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. If you are in crisis, please call Gryphon Place at 269-381-HELP.