Somatic Coaching

My somatic coaching work is grounded in a keen understanding of the body and the affect of cultural and socio-political dynamics on the body. I help you access your body’s wise intelligence through sensation, awareness, visualization, and gentle movement. I support people who are recovering from burn-out, trauma, oppression, abuse, injury, illness, addiction, codependency, and/or in search of transformative practices that care for body/mind/spirit. My work draws from 16 years of Hatha Yoga and meditation/mindfulness study and practice, 10 years of private and group yoga instruction, 15 years of social change leadership, my study of trauma physiology and resilience through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and on-going private and group coaching with politicized somatics practitioners, Vanissar Tarakali, Sage Hayes, and Taya Shere.

Somatic coaching combines conversation and somatic practice to help you identify areas of your body that are holding onto past experiences in the form of unresolved flight, fight, or freeze energies. I work with you to identify the limiting narratives, beliefs, tensions, and somatic patterns that keep you from actualizing knowing what you want and need and act upon your agency. Benefits of Somatic Coaching include:

  • Increase confidence, personal empowerment, self-compassion, self-awareness

  • Create new choices in how you respond to pressure, conflict, and triggers

  • Gain confidence in setting boundaries and asking for what you need

  • Become a more effective and resilient ally/activist/leader/social change agent

  • Begin healing from the often debilitating effects of trauma, oppression, and/or privilege/dominance

  • Deepen intimacy and presence in your relationships

  • Deepen your awareness, presence, clarity, sense of purpose, and aliveness

  • Reduce/alleviate chronic physical pain and recurring tension

  • Increase resilience to future stressors

  • Restore a sense of optimism and hope

  • Feel more integrated, coherent, calm, and whole

  • Cultivate greater spiritual connectedness

  • Increase ability to focus and concentrate

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working together on your healing journey, please email me at to schedule a free discovery call.

As with all holistic health modalities, this intuitive and somatic coaching work is not meant to replace professional psychological and medical attention. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. If you are in crisis, please call Gryphon Place at 269-381-HELP.