Somatic Practice for Resilient Collaboration

I know from my own struggles with trauma recovery, burn-out, and exhaustion, that no one is at their best when they are struggling with their mental, physical, or spiritual health. Burn-out is often related to one's trauma history, and is also a systemic issue stemming from our larger capitalistic economic system that values productivity over humanity, empathy, nurturance, and sustainability.  Unfortunately, most of our society's institutions do not have structures, practices, and spaces to actively support the well-being and healing of their people. Sublimating or disconnecting from our body and its wise messages is often necessary for survival, yet unless we actively and compassionately work with the body to reintegrate and re-inhabit our body, our presence and work in the world is likely to be undermined.

When we are aware of, in touch with, and in loving and mindful dialogue with our bodies, however, we have the internal resourcing we need to move through the world in positive, grounded, resilient, and transformative ways. I envision and commit to co-creating a more sustainable and healthy society in which we all receive permission, encouragement, and support to intentionally heal and cultivate resiliency in our bodies, spirits, and minds. Through Embodiment practices, we can learn to transform outdated coping mechanisms that are undermining our goals, dreams, and visions. My group yoga and somatics sessions draw from a multi-disciplinary well of modalities and practices that serve to support your team's efficacy, cohesion, and resiliency. Whether embarking on strategic planning, program design or implementation, staff or board retreat time, or tending to daily operations, incorporating somatic practice into your organizational culture can help you and your team level up as you help make the world a better place.

This offering can be scheduled as a one-time session or ongoing based on the needs of your team. Please schedule a free Discovery Call here to discuss pricing and scheduling.