Embodied Leadership Coaching

My Embodied Leadership Coaching practice provides integrative and holistic support on your leadership and wellness journey. My coaching focuses on cultivating somatic awareness, racial healing, racial identity development, trauma healing, accountable social justice engagement, trauma-aware yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation, Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance, boundary and communication skill development, codependency recovery support, creative expression support, and intuitive guidance. Drawing from these practices, I tailor each session based on your needs and intentions, along with what we both intuit will best serve you.

As a highly sensitive intuitive empath with 15 years of social justice leadership experience, 10 years leading private and group yoga and meditation practice, recovering from trauma and burn-out, and confronting internalized privilege and oppression, my coaching is compassionate, non-judgmental, direct, insightful, gentle, and supportive. I hold space and meet you where are in your personal growth and leadership journey, supporting you in aligning your daily life with your values and vision for yourself, your work, and the world you want to help co-create. 

Throughout this coaching relationship we will engage in direct and personal conversations about your life and work. You can count on me to be honest, empathic, reflective, and direct in asking questions, offering feedback, reflective listening, and making requests. The coaching relationship is professional and completely confidential. As your coach, I am 100% committed to your well-being, growth, and transformation.

Note: Minimum commitment of twice monthly for three months is required for this service with maximum benefit resulting from twice monthly for six months or more.

Book a free discovery call below. For payment details, please refer to my Sliding Scale. All payments are due no later than the time of service and can be made online here or by cash, check, or Venmo.