My commitment as a healer is to ensure that my offerings are accessible to activists, organizers, and people who hold marginalized identities and face oppression and economic instability on a daily basis. I’ve created this donation portal to give my community an opportunity to support my work, thereby supporting greater healing and resilience within the movement for social change. Your support allows me to continue offering my sliding scale fee structure, as well as low and no cost services for folks who are living in poverty and can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket healing services.

I offer all of my 1:1 healing and coaching sessions on a sliding scale of $70-130 and reserve two $50 sessions per month for low income People of Color. I also donate my time and skills for social justice projects and organizations regularly as a healer and facilitator. Supporting and investing in one another interdependently is a radical and counter cultural act in our society where individualism, structural oppression and inequity, and inhumane and unjust economic systems are the norms. All donations received here go directly to supporting the lower and middle levels of my sliding scale.

THANK YOU so much for supporting accessible healing work. We truly are stronger together.