Decolonizing Yoga Consult

As a longtime white social justice leader, antiracism practitioner, politicized healer and yoga practitioner, ancestral healing practitioner, and cultural somatics coach, I am honored to offer one-on-one consultation to healing arts and yoga practitioners, students, teachers, studio owners, community leaders, and teachers-in-training who are seeking guidance to deepen their systemic power analysis and better integrate and live into their values around justice, equity, and healing. This support is well-suited for studio owners and teacher training facilitators interested in discussing how to create authentic, accessible, accountable, and inclusive studio and/or training culture.

Just like all sectors and industries in the U.S., there are many ways that injustice and inequity are unintentionally perpetuated in yoga spaces. Despite our best intentions as teachers and practitioners, we can unknowingly perpetuate the oppression of racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, ageism, and classism in our classes, retreats, trainings, and workshops. To help shift these common patterns, I am poised to support your journey through compassionate listening and coaching around common obstacles to creating more welcoming and accountable spaces. We will work together around things like the fear of making a mistake (toxic perfectionism as the goal), either/or thinking (ie: “I’m either a good white/able-bodied/cisgender/heterosexual person or a bad one”), individualism (“I have to go it alone and can’t ask for help”), and urgency (“I have to fix myself and others in order to be a good person”). We will also discuss strategies and resources to create equitable, diverse classrooms, while also learning to hold space for the complex matrix of identities we all hold. At its core this work is about sharing yoga as a tool for individual and collective liberation.

I am also available to coach and consult specifically around the important work of Decolonizing Yoga — honoring rather than appropriating yoga — and understanding and healing from the intergenerational affects of colonialism and white body supremacy within the body/mind/spirit. I also encourage you to follow and support the powerful women of color who are leading this work like, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Jessamyn Stanley, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Susanna Barkataki.