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Yoga for Body Liberation is an all-levels, body-positive practice that nurtures self-love and somatic awareness through compassionate and accessible exploration of Hatha Yoga. The practice moves slowly and mindfully with the support of skillful trauma-aware and anti-oppressive facilitation. This approach to yoga is grounded in an orientation to the body as much more than a vehicle for the mind or something to be suppressed or transcended. Instead we practice becoming more present in the body in the here and now and learn to regulate the nervous system so we can show up for our lives in and joyful, grounded, and resilient ways. No prior experience with yoga required. LGBTQIA+ welcoming and affirming class. All are welcome - come as you are. Down Dog Yoga Center is located at 316 Kalamazoo Mall., Suite 108. For information on the facility, parking, class rates, and registration, please visit For questions about the class, please contact Lillie at


Yin/Yang Yoga weaves together slow-paced Yin yoga with the more active Yang (Hatha) yoga. Rooted in the Chinese Taoist concepts of yin and yang, this practice combines the passive, cooling energy of yin, with the dynamic, warming energy of yang, nurturing both physical and spiritual balance. In Yin yoga, the poses are held passively for three to five minutes or longer in order to stretch the connective tissue of the body, such as the ligaments, rather than the muscles. Hatha yoga asanas and gentle vinyasa flows warm the body and stretch and strengthen the muscles. The yang portion of practice is typically in the second half of class because the yin postures support the alignment and mobility of the more active practice. By combining the two styles of yoga, Yin/Yang Yoga improves energy and stability while also cultivating relaxation, ease, and healing. All levels welcome. No prior experience necessary. Come as you are. Class rate is $56/4 class pass or $16 drop-in. Payment can be made here or at class by cash, check, or Venmo. No one turned away for lack of funds. For questions about the class, please contact Lillie at


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Movement for the Movement is a subtle practice of moving through the layers of the inner body utilizing gentle and restorative yoga asana, creative movement, and somatic practice to unravel and unwind stuck or sticky places in the body/mind. We will attune to positive resource within and around us as we explore ways to cultivate increased resilience through radical embodiment. We will gather together around music and movement practice to counter burn-out and related creative and somatic stagnation, and build resiliency.

When we engage with liberatory movement practice, we resist disembodiment and isolation, affirm embodiment, creativity, and communal connectivity. This practice invites you to explore how your body wants to move - to shake things up, let go of tension and stress, and simply reconnect to your animal body and what it needs to organically unfurl. This facilitated practice space offers social change leaders, activists, organizers, educators, caregivers, and healers an accessible space to experience empowering body love, and is intentionally supportive of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, racial identities, class backgrounds, and learning styles. No previous experience with dance or movement required. All are welcome - come as you are. Sliding scale: $10-$20. No one turned away for lack of funds.* Payment can be made here or at class by cash, check, or Venmo. For questions about the class, please contact Lillie at

*It is important to me to make my classes accessible and affordable to everyone. For this class I am offering a sliding scale and ask that you discern where you fall on it. A way of thinking about it is if you can afford to buy plane tickets, own a home, are gainfully employed, you fall on the high end. If you have to choose between groceries or rent and accessing wellness and healing arts support, you would pay on the lower end. I see my community-based embodiment offerings as part of my activism and social justice leadership. Much of my work is done for free, so by paying what you are able, you are helping more folks access this important practice space. THANK YOU!