April 2018 Full Moon Musings

Happy early spring Full Moon. As the soil warms, animals start moving around, and colorful tender life sprouts and buds, my prayer is for you to lovingly release what you're ready to compost, and seed what you're called to birth into this world during these paradigm shifting times. I offer the following words in the spirit of radical self and communal love and nurturance.  

I invite you to breathe into any areas of your body still holding tension or strain from the long cold, dark season. With your eyes closed or with a soft gaze, scan your body with your awareness, sending nourishing breath to any parts that feel tired, sore, and/or hungry for the light of the sun and the light of your loving attention. Once you feel more present with your body, more attuned to how it feels in this moment, make any adjustments so you are more comfortable as you read on. 

With this first post as a newly “out” radical bodyworker / politicized healer, I want to share an excerpt of a spell/prayer/incantation/poem I wrote near the winter solstice.  I hope it supports your journey of compassionately listening to and befriending the truths and wisdom of your body. Perhaps take a few deeper breaths, and drink some water before and after, giving yourself time and space to attune to what it stirs in you.

body roots

this body. this body knows. this body 

knows this body. knows what’s real. what’s 

real. what’s real. body knows ritual. knows 

melody. knows how to sway and mend 

back to whole again. body knows pulsing 

blood memory of prayer. of meal. of earth. 

body remembers. body just needs time. 

give it time. give it time. give it time. time.  

in time. it will come. it will come. it will 

come. it will come. i will come. the knowing. 

the knowing will return home. it’s already 

there. in your bones. there will be tears. 

let them come. let them out. let them breathe. 

let them fall. give them space to soak 

gratitude, reverence, relief into her lap. 

her. mother. grandmother. great 

grandmother. ancestor. witch. healer. 

weaver. priestess. midwife. earth. goddess. 

let the tears come. let her absorb them. 

she is here. listen for her voice as you tend 

the altar of your softening heart. receive 

her nourishment. receive her forgiveness. 

her collaboration. her conversation. receive 

her reorientation. receive her moonlight 

on the path home to the motherland of your 

body. receive her wildness. her spells. magic 

incantations. her potions. tinctures. the salve 

of her caress. medicine to knit you back, 

into your lineage. it needs you. you are 

not insignificant to these generations 

behind you. they are calling you to prayer. 

inviting you to attune to what was and what 

wants to become. invitation to shape. a 

welcome to full body experience of aliveness. 

invitation to dwell in this body. reclaim this 

body. thank this sacred body. this presence. 

this container for the pleasure of presence. 

divine vessel. inhabit this temple. dance in 

the grace of its knowing. this. here. body. 

welcome. this. home. here. body. roots. 

I offer you blessings for reclaiming your sovereign right to fully inhabit your body, with all your complex identities, needs, and desires alive and intact within you.  This is an act of resistance of all the unfair and unjust reasons we have to leave our bodies to survive. Our survival strategies are effective, and, when we cultivate compassionate awareness of our bodies, we gain integrated wholeness, sustainable resiliency, and a felt sense of empowerment.

May the energy of this tender Full Moon illuminate the somatic wisdom within you. Take loving care of yourself and your community, and reach out for a complimentary twenty minute consultation if you'd like to explore the possibility of collaborating on your radical embodiment journey. 

Lillie Wolff