July 2018 Full Moon

I hope this finds you well post Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as the moon wanes and we settle into a period of mid-summer Mercury Retrograde. I am finding myself needing extra rest and permission to move slowly, in tune with my ever-changing bodily needs. In my experience, Mercury Retrogrades can feel challenging, especially if I try to "keep pace" with our culture's unsustainable expectation of productivity. If I yield, however, allowing this period to be one of tracing back, leaning out, integrating, gathering my energies, and knitting my parts back together, I find it to be a welcome reprieve from my conditioned tendency to over function (at the cost of presence and embodiment).  

Over the past moon cycle I've been integrating my first module of training with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI). SETI is based in Denver, CO and offers trainings across the globe. I am training with them in Yellow Springs, OH (photo above is from a rainy woods hike there). At this first training I learned transformative somatic practices to regulate my own nervous system and experienced some powerful healing with the support of my peers and the SETI training team. Since my return I've started integrating Somatic Experiencing ("SE") work into my private sessions, with positive feedback from my clients.

I am finding my own on-going personal SE sessions to be so helpful in listening to and tending my animal body, and (re)attuning to the natural world. During these politically turbulent and triggering times, this is radical and transformative resistance. As systems of oppression crumble around us, stirring up conflict, fear, disorientation, and uncertainty, we have no shortage of opportunities to engage with the trauma and survival energy held within our bodies. Though it can be particularly difficult to self-regulate and heal these days, I believe part of our work here on this planet at this time is to cultivate greater physical, mental, and spiritual resilience (radical embodiment) as we co-create a new paradigm of collective healing and liberation. In this spirit, I share with you this poem I recently wrote. 

Body Whisper

I have learned to depend on this body,

befriend her signals, sensations, yearnings.


I ask her for forgiveness.

Together, we recover presence, 

yielding, coax it gently from the freezing.


I’m sorry, I say to this body, 

for not listening to your whispers, 

not tending your earthly rhythms.


I have learned to slow and be with this body,

sometimes awkwardly, sometimes gracefully, 

in restorative pauses, pregnant with possibility. 

What I love about somatic healing work is that it's all about creating the right conditions for something different to happen. It's about creating more choices and more felt sense of connection, safety, and aliveness. It's about restoring access to one's own power, agency, and capacity to center in a place of calm and alert awareness. I am grateful and honored to be facilitating this work and look forward to continuing to learn from my body, my professional practice, my colleagues, and my somatic healers and coaches - Taya ShereSage HayesTada Hozumi, and Vanissar Tarakali.   

Please visit lilliewolff.com for details on my offerings and feel free toschedule a free 20 minute consultation to explore the possibility of collaborating on your radical embodiment and healing journey. 

Lillie Wolff