Available Workshops

If you are interested in bringing one of the following workshops to your organization, group, or community, please contact

Lillie at lilliewolff@gmail.com or 231-392-2528 to discuss scheduling and cost. All offerings can be tailored for between two and six hours.

Diversity, Equity & Cultural Competency in Yoga

As a longtime white social justice leader, antiracism practitioner, yoga practitioner, and ancestral healing practitioner, I am honored to offer this 4-6 hour workshop on Diversity, Equity & Cultural Competency in Yoga for healing arts and yoga practitioners, students, teachers, studio owners, community leaders, and teachers-in-training. This offering is geared toward those who are seeking guidance to deepen their systemic power analysis and better live into the values of justice, equity, and healing. This workshop is well-suited for studio owners and teacher training facilitators interested in discussing how to create authentic, accessible, accountable, and inclusive studio and/or training culture. More info coming soon on purpose, goals, and objectives of this workshop…

I am also available to coach and consult privately around the important work of Decolonizing Yoga — honoring rather than appropriating yoga — and understanding and healing from the intergenerational affects of colonialism and white body supremacy within the bod/mind/spirt. I also encourage you to check out the work of the many women of color, like Susanna Barkataki, who are leading this work via my Resources page.


Joyful Movement for the Movement

This integrative movement workshop offers an accessible space to experience African dance led by Kama Tai Mitchell and joyful creative movement facilitated by Lillie. We will gather together around music and movement to counter burn-out and creative and somatic stagnation, and build our resiliency! 

Traditional African dance occurs collectively, expressing the life of the community more than that of individuals. In this way, when we engage with this sacred movement practice, with reverence, humility, and respect for the roots of this tradition, we affirm community and counter the harmful myth of individualism. It is possible to honor our unique gifts and individual creativity, while also honoring that we are always part of a greater collective and community around us.

Joyful movement is the way your body wants to move organically - to shake things up, let go of tension and stress, and simply reconnect to your animal body and what it needs to unfurl. Many of us spend much of our days being sedentary and we often get stuck in our heads as a result. Many of us hear good things about yoga or dance classes, but are worried about being flexible or coordinated enough. Join us for a movement practice that gives us all permission to follow our own body’s lead as we allow our own expression of bodily movement to unfold.

This workshop is designed for organizers, healers, wellness practitioners, and newer activists ready to dive into the work of inner and outer change. The facilitators practice being trauma-informed and strive to foster a space that is inclusive and supportive of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, racial identities, class backgrounds, and learning styles. No prior movement experience necessary. Come as you are! 

Movement for the Movement:
Sustaining Social Change Work for the Long Haul

In order to transform our world we need to commit to sustainability and resiliency practices that support us in making lasting change. This workshop will help you rebalance your nervous system so you can downshift from the stress responses that come with being part of the movement for social change. Suppressing emotions like frustration, anxiety, fear, rage, shame, guilt, and grief through working harder or longer is not sustainable and often leads to burnout and sabotaging behavior. Martyring your physical health, relationships, or personal goals for the sake of the work often undermines our collaborative efficacy and leads to reproducing cycles of violence and dysfunction. This workshop will help to counter these patterns by nurturing and cultivating compassion, creativity, stamina, and resilience. In this workshop, we will:

  • Co-create a space of mutual care to be honest about our emotional realities and not have to hide exhaustion, perform hope, or represent our organizations;

  • Reflect on how systems of oppression, trauma, and grief are showing up in our our bodies;

  • Explore the boundaries and practices we need to interrupt oppression from passing through us into the work;

  • Experience simple and accessible healing practices like reflection, meditation, somatic movement, and trauma-informed yoga practice; and

  • Nurture a community of support with change makers and healers who share a commitment to collective liberation and healing.

This workshop lives at the intersection of social change, community support, and internal transformation and is designed for organizers, healers, wellness practitioners, and newer activists ready to dive into the work of inner and outer change. Kama Tai Mitchell and I will strive to foster a space that is inclusive and supportive of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, racial identities, class backgrounds, and learning styles. No previous experience with yoga, meditation, somatics, or the like is needed - come as you are.

Social Justice, Race, Yoga & You: A Workshop for White People Committed to Spiritual Activism

Are you interested in exploring how social justice and racial justice can be more a part of your life? How can this work be woven into our spiritual/healing spaces? How can yoga practice help us “wake up” and help create a better world? How can practice sustain us on the path of racial/social justice work? During this workshop we will:

  • Engage in experiential exercises around these themes in dyads, small group, and large group formats;

  • Learn and practice communication skills that help us to stay in the room and connect in the midst of difficult conversations;

  • Practice simple, accessible yoga as support for our facilitated discussion and exercises;

  • Create an environment where we can be courageous as we explore complex concepts such as cultural appropriation, white privilege, and spiritual bypassing; and

  • Talk about how to engage in various racial and social justice work in the community in accountable ways.


Jewish Cultural Identity & Healing

The workshop sits at the intersection of racial and ethnic identity development, cultural healing, spiritual practice, and movement building. In the first half we will dialogue about historic and current day manifestations of antisemitism and related intergenerational trauma, implications of Jewish assimilation into white society, and the complexity of experiencing internalized antisemitism and internalized racism and white supremacy. We will discuss cultural and spiritual stripping and the grief around what was lost when our ancestors assimilated, as well as our complicity in upholding white privilege, white fragility, and white supremacy. 

In the second half we will gather for a cultural healing circle in which we will explore personal stories of being seen, heard, and understood, and what that requires and allows us to do and be as Jews committed to working towards social change. Components of the circle will include a collective altar, guided mediation, sacred music, poetry, journaling, and story sharing in dyads and in the full group.  

We will close our time together with a conversation about accountable and resilient antiracist Jewish accomplice-ship within the movement for collective liberation, as well as ways of reclaiming, restoring, and cultivating our shared humanity, resiliency, and right relationship through non-appropriative spiritual and cultural, and somatic practice. 

Prerequisite: It is helpful to have a basic understanding of systemic racism to be able to enter into this dialogue with some shared language and understanding.