Photo by Prashant Dault 

Photo by Prashant Dault 

I am a politicized healer, intuitive and somatic coach, trauma-informed decolonizing yoga teacher, and antiracism and racial healing facilitator. My work is grounded in the belief that all people have an inborn right to heal and be free. Originally trained as a dancer, I began practicing yoga in 2003 as a path toward healing and recovery from trauma and illness, and eventually as a way of integrating mind, body, and spirit through movement, meditation, and breath. I completed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training with Sandra Carden in 2006, a second 200 hour training with Karina Mirsky in 2010, and a 300 hour training with my present day teacher, Melissa Spamer. I have studied with many other masterful teachers as well, including Rama Jyoti Vernon, Noah McKenna, and Bhenje Mason.

I have been leading group and private practice for over ten years in which I support my students and clients in listening to their body for their needs, desires, goals, and inner resources. Together we will utilize tools and techniques that counter common stress and survival responses and rebalance the nervous system. I work with people to integrate generative and empowering spiritual and somatic (body-based) practices into their daily life. This helps to cultivate resilient presence, connection, and awareness, which allows us to show up more fully and wholly as we create the world we all want and deserve. 

I am also a racial justice educator and racial healing circle facilitator with over 14 years experience working toward social change. My experience moving through the world as an antiracist white Jewish queer non-binary femme with Alopecia and invisible disabilities helps me understand how privilege and power operate. I understand the physical, psychological, and spiritual impact of trauma and oppression. I also understand the cycle of dehumanization and moral injury that comes with receiving and expecting unearned privilege and power in a society built upon a false hierarchy of human value. I believe healing ourselves is inseparable from healing our communities, our lineage, and our planet, and that in order to heal and embody liberation, we must examine and transform the social, political, and cultural context in which we exist.

My own spiritual and somatic healing practices are rooted in the lineages trauma-aware hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, politicized somatics, intersectional anti-oppression work, modern dance and creative movement, intuitive channeling, and earth-based Jewish and multi-faith spiritual ritual that honors and celebrates the sacred Divine Feminine. I have had the great privilege of studying with yoga teachers Sandra Carden, Libby Robold, Noah McKenna, Karina Mirsky, Melissa Spamer, and Rama Jyoti Vernon, and Bhenje Mason. I am also blessed to work closely with spiritual and somatic coaches, Taya Shere, Vanissar Tarakali, Betty Segerdhal, and Tada Hozumi.  


I invite my fellow non-South Asian students to join me in practicing ancient South Asian yogic techniques and teachings with great respect, reverence, and cultural humility. 


My Core Values are:

  • Honoring and celebrating the Divine Feminine


  • Transformative radical and feminist entrepreneurship


  • Clear and decolonized boundaries


  • Intersectional community-based feminist and antiracist praxis


  • Celebrating Queerness is all its expressions and manifestations 


  • Abundant worldview while stewarding resources responsibility


  • Both/and (non-binary) thinking


  • Collaboration and interdependence vs competition and individualism


  • Honoring the innate power and dignity of self and all others


  • Human being-ness over human doing-ness 


  • Critically loving, compassionate, and nonjudgemental


  • Authenticity over performance and striving 


  • Trauma-aware


  • Pleasure positive


  • Body positive and fat positive


  • Sensitivity and empathy as a strength not a weakness


  • Courageous and unapologetic creativity


  • Humility and Confidence


  • Balance of softness and strength


  • Open-mindedness and curiosity